Wheels of Fortune


Sales floor of Palexpo Exhibition of Used Cars 2013

Certain subjects in our household take on a life of their own. One such matter has been pressing on our family since the relocation to Switzerland in September 2012. Until now, our housing and outside responsibilities (that is work and domestic and travel) have allowed us to be a one-car family since 1997. Today, this is going to change. After what I could describe as soul-searching and at one point an entire re-examination of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we are buying a used car.

At its final stage, it became a mix of practicality and impulse (strictly speaking, we are less green). From the practical side, the semi-rural location of our home (an apartment) introduced several factors that made having a single car challenging, if not problematic. The first priority was, of course, my wife’s daily commute to the office. She had valiantly tried mass transit (transport en common is how they say it here). That is by train (convenient) linked to buses (not so convenient). Her transit in this fashion would normally take an hour. By car, she was at the office, door-to-door, in 15 minutes. In addition, her work regularly takes her between ¬†offices in the Lausanne vicinity and often with a tight schedule, she must have a car.
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Lunch in the Vineyards of Lavaux

A sunny Sunday found us meeting friends new and old near Grandvaux, Switzerland, in the vineyards of Lavaux. There, a vintners shack is available for its table and the view for any passerbys who know how to find it. Some other visitors are tempted to join us. The sweeping views are to Lake Geneva and the vineyards below the village of Grandvaux (between Lausanne and Montreux).